16 September- 29 September 2022

Periphery, an exhibition of recent prints made by Rob White over the last two years, is presented over two floors of SLAUGHTERHAUS.

The work sits on the edge of landscape and abstract, the prints are a window out to another world. Rob's use of colour is sometimes apocalyptic, hot and fiery and sometimes cool and calm -a satisfying place to inhabit.

Featuring spit bite and chine colle etchings and carborundum prints, the prints explore the painterly qualities of these processes.

Rob thinks of the work as a place for reflection. A place to breathe and contemplate.

Like a photograph, the prints are a snapshot of time- but an imagined moment. Some are like moments of calm before or after the storm, others are reminiscent of the recent forest fires and the hopelessness one might feel during or after these horrible events. A number of the works reflect the peace and quiet of a country walk or a tranquil walk along the cliffs accompanied by the power of the sea.

Rob’s work explores feelings of hopelessness or the powerless that many of us feel in the face of inaction on climate change. It has a political intent- it is made in the luxury of growing up and living in a democratic and fair country. They are made as a necessary action for the survival of the artist.

Rob supports and brings attention to mental health issues -and will be donating 10% of all sales to the charity, Mind.

“Mind the mental health charity. Fighting for mental health - for support, for respect, for you”

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In Conversation, Thursday 29 September 7pm

Rob White and Lois Oliver discuss Rob's work and ideas. Dr Lois Oliver is a Curator at the Royal Academy, Professor of Art History at the University of Notre Dame (USA) in London, and Visiting Lecturer at the Courtauld Institute ( and also a Morley printmaking student!).

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