We are opening our doors as part of Lambeth Open again this year- hope to see you.

Yay! We are opening our doors wide and celebrating being open again. Come and join us on Sunday 4 July, 12-4pm for an afternoon of monoprinting workshops. Meet our members and find out more about the studio, our courses and how to become a member.

Our Artists's Talks from last year onwards are now available to view online: Artists' Talks.

Happy New Year


In response to government advice last night on larger social gatherings we have postponed our exhibitions until further notice. Both Sarah's exhibition Land and Sea and James Anderson's The Road Not Taken will be programmed later in the year.

We have also decided to cancel our courses until further notice. We really hope you will keep an eye on our website where we will keep you up to date with our plans, and where we will post articles about our artists and what they are doing. And, as soon as we can, we hope to see you at the studio again.

If in self isolation- I hope you can do some drawing to pass the time!

Some images of work from our Monotype with Plants and Stencils course last Sunday. Starting with a rolled surface, participants laid plant material over the ink before printing on the etching press. Peeling the plants off, a ghost of the plant is revealed on the ink, which can be printed again, then additional paper stencils and other plants introduced. Some images are the second printing or ghost image- the ink becomes pale and light in tone in these prints. Stencils were cut from paper, card and plastic- anything that can pass through the press can be used really. Every print is unique, but they link, because the same motifs are used again. These lovely prints by Tracey Brown show the effects of printing, overprinting and offsetting the ink onto another surface .


Follow my blog from Scotland again here. Arrive on Sunday- 23rd July...