SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Studio is excited to announce the screening of Anthony Stern's Get All That, Ant? First shown at the Cambridge Film Festival last October, this revised version will contain additional footage that has never been seen before. A school friend of Syd Barrett, Stern was at the epicentre of psychedelic culture as it unfolded, and as well as The Pink Floyd, filmed other bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Doors at the Roundhouse, Donovan, The Beach Boys etc. Along with other footage of social scenes, including the birth of his son, Cumbernauld New Town and London streets, he uses the inherent nuances of the Bolex cine camera to document the 1960's, and partners those nuances with the music of the era to form literally an 'interstellar overdrive' of jump-cut montage.

A rare treat for serious filmmakers and musicians alike, this screening is simply not to be missed.