Scotland 2018

Monotype made on the beach of the incoming tide.

Had a fantastic trip over to Belnahua today. An island quarried for slate until the 1st World War when all the men left and there was no-one to work there any more. Look out for s BBC programme about it later in the year. At the height of business 150 people lived in these cottages. It is hard to imagine what their lives were like.


Started this painting yesterday. It rained so that the shape of the puddle has changed. It's now a murky brown surrounded by grey- it was much more purple and blue the day before. Behind the sea is coming in again- ignored by me!

Lost Plate

Another etching plate lost to the sea - and found again the next day! I drew the arrow on the rock with wax crayon to show me where the plate had been, and then looked in the same place the next day. In fact it was about 10 metres away but roughly in line with the arrow, just further down the beach as it had been moved down by the receding tide.