You don’t have to go far to be stunned by the glorious beauty of so many of our magnificent stately homes, palaces and palatial mansions, all examples of Britishness. But here’s the conundrum, the contradiction, the dark shadow that falls on all these living monuments of Rule Britannia. Their beauty is testament to a questionable imperial past; one that’s much easier either ignored or re-coloured with the rose tints of nostalgia. Like the mansions, it’s a way of seeing that’s oh so British.

This is the tension that our SLAUGHTERHAUS Studio prize-winning artist, Eleanor Watson tries to explore in her extraordinary, vast, hand printed monotypes (each over 4m tall). It is the tension between the visible pomp and the hidden patriarchy between our ordered architecture and the many worlds we disordered to fund it.

Eleanor is an MA graduate from City and Guilds of London Art School who teaches adults and children- that is when she’s not pushing the borders of her art. And as with all art, Eleanor’s mission is to make us look again at the world around us; the world that we so often take for granted. Eleanor is one of a new breed of young printmakers whose energy feeds off the dynamism of SLAUGHTERHAUS and who spark a new jolt of electricity.