Privacy Policy

SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Studio (SPS) – Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all data held by SPS and will take effect from May 25th 2018 in compliance with new European Union Data Protection laws (GDPR), which will come into effect on that date.

SPS takes the management and security of personal data held on members, participants, visitors and subscribers very seriously. We value their interest and commitment to our studio and have a long established principle of not sharing any information held on our server with any person or organisation – full stop. We do not hold any financial information and any purchases made through the web site are done using Paypal with a notification of purchase which only includes an email address and name. Our prime motive in holding data is to keep anyone who has expressed an interest in the activities of the studio up to date with courses, events, news and other activities that they might wish to get involved in. For this reason we only store email addresses unless you have shared your telephone number with us.

SPS is a small organisation and does not use software analytical programs to analyse personal data. If data processing is required it is done manually and does not involve the transfer of data. Data is held on an online server and an offline backup copy is held by our dedicated data protection officer, Michelle Avison (or someone assigned by her). Software on the server is kept up to date to minimise the chances of a data breach. However should such a breach take place the data protection officer will inform all those affected as soon as it is identified.

SPS does not use cookies on its web site but does collect information about activity on the SLAUGHTERHAUS web site using Google Analytics. This information is not personal and is used to monitor behaviour on the site so that we can identify ways of improving our visitors’ experience.

All multiple mail-outs and newsletters offer an opt-out link which can be used to unsubscribe and stop SPS from sending any further correspondence. It is located at the bottom of the newsletter page and the process is quick and easy.

References to individuals on the web site or on the calendar will never include contact information accept when the individual has requested it or agreed to it and when there is good reason.

The SPS server is supplied by Heart Internet. The company is based in the UK at Nottingham with the hardware being located in Leeds.